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  • Detox Body Cleanse

Detox Body Cleanse

  • Skin patch with herbal extracts
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Toxins are a blight upon modern lives and can be absorbed by the body both actively and passively in a variety of ways such as through the chemicals we ingest via contaminants lurking in everyday products and those lingering in the polluted air. A build up of toxins in the body can create health difficulties and slow the process of healing.

Toxins can gather in the body and manifest in a multitude of ways including problems relating to our skin and our digestive systems. Detox Body Cleanse Patches contain a variety of natural ingredients and can be easily applied to the body.


Vinegar, Wood Extract, Bamboo Vinegar Extract, Freetox® (Laminaria Digitata, Vegetal Fibres, Loquat Leaf, Mint, Artichoke, Lemon), Dextrin, Chitin/Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamin C.

Instructions for use

1. When you go to bed, make sure your foot is clean and dry

2. Remove the patch from the packaging

3. Remove the big piece of adhesive protective film

4. Apply DETOX BODY CLEANSE patch to the sole of your foot

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  • Simple to apply
  • Convenient to use
  • Discreet application
  • Contains added Vitamin C
  • Formulated with natural ingredients