Mother of Pearl

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Mother of Pearl

  • Amino acid supplement for joints and bones
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As we get older our bones start to wear and degrade, its a natural part of ageing. After all, the amount of punishment our bones are subjected to even through everyday activities eventually takes its toll. Mother of Pearl is a nutritional supplement containing 8 essential amino acides, 11 minerals and trace elements and 5 major proteins forumalted to supplement your diet and protect your joints from the ravages of time. Free Mother of Pearl Cream worth £19.95 and Free Mother of Pearl Ring worth £19.95 when you buy 4 or 6 months supply yours absolutely free and to keep even after your 90 day risk free trial.

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  • 8 essential amino acids
  • 11 minerals and trace elements
  • 5 major proteins
  • Supplement for bones and joints
  • 100% Natural & Safe



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